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Writing a Master Degree Requirement Essay

Writing a Master Degree Requirement EssayWriting a master degree requirement essay requires quite a bit of critical thinking. However, there are a lot of good free help available that can help you turn a simple problem into a master degree requirement essay topic.There are a number of essay samples for the master degree requirement. This can be your first essay, or it could be your third or even fourth attempt. It is always good to start with a topic that is easy to write about, but at the same time hard to write about.Writing about a thing that you do not know anything about is something that is hard to write about, because it demands a lot of critical thinking skills. You have to learn as much as you can about that subject.A common example of a free help in writing is the use of the me and an H. For example, you can take the time to research I from an H and then write about it. It is not uncommon for people to get tripped up in their research. This is why it is important to researc h as much as possible about a topic before you write.You should also take advantage of the essay samples that allow you to make a few changes to the facts and figures you are writing about. You may find it helpful to add your own opinion about some things, especially if you are a specialist in that field.If you are taking a college year, it is always a good idea to write a master degree requirement essay as early as possible. You will find that this is a better approach to take, because many people tend to forget what they have written in their first year of college.If you are taking an honors class and you need a master degree requirement essay, you should first try to think about the subject matter. You should also remember the main points you need to make in your essay, so that you can easily write about them when you go back to rewrite your master degree requirement essay.When you know what you need to write about, you will not have to worry about what to write about. This is wh y it is very important to review your essay after it has been written. You should not go back and rewrite it, unless you change the fact about the topic that you wrote about.

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The True Identity Of Gatsby - Free Essay Example

The Great Gatsby is not the type of 1920s novel that encompasses the American Dream and the glitz and glam that came along with it. Yes, there are multiple examples of fancy cars and extravagant parties which fit the 20s aspect of the book, but this is not a traditional the 1920s were so amazing! novel. It shows the true good, bad, and ugly that usually are absent from other books written at the time. F. Scott Fitzgerald took a different approach to this era when he wrote his famous novel The Great Gatsby when he decided that the main character, Jay Gatsby, would be a rich man that made his way out of poverty by bootlegging. The main theme that emerges throughout the plot of the story which revolves around Gatsby is that it is impossible to ever wipe out the identity that you were born with, no matter how hard you try to erase it. The main character of the book that the story follows is Jay Gatsby. He is a mysterious rich man who throws colossal, extravagant parties each weekend, but never shows his face at any of them. The books narrator, Nick, lives next to Gatsbys mansion and watches the parties from his window each weekend. When he finally decides to attend one of Gatsbys parties with Daisys friend Jordan, he does not understand why Gatsby is throwing such lavish parties that upper class New Yorkers travel to attend each weekend, when he is nowhere to be seen. Gatsby eventually introduces himself and him and Nick eventually become friends. Nick had heard many rumors that were constantly floating around New York about how Gatsby got his money, so he was very curious. Nick ended up learning that Gatsby came from a poor family and was born with the name Jay Gatz, but with the help of Dan Cody learned how to act rich. Even though Gatsby was great at pretending to be born rich and faking that he was used to liv ing the lavish and money-filled lifestyle that he has adopted, Fitzgerald makes it clear to the reader that Gatsby is putting up this front and truly is just James Gatz at the core and that identity wont ever leave him. While Jordan and Nick wandered around Gatsbys house, they came across a gigantic room filled floor to ceiling with books. They are quick to notice another man who is described as a stout, middle aged man, with enormous owl-eyed spectacles is along one of the walls of Gatsbys library examining Gatsbys books. He notices that Gatsbys didnt cut the pages of his books. Back when this book was written, you had to physically cut open a book in order to be able to crack open the book and begin flipping through the pages and in the end get to actually reading it. The rumors that went around were that Gatsby was well read and a very intelligent man, however this was just a front put up by him to seem like he belonged in the upper class. By seeing that the books were uncut, we as the readers find out that he is faking the whole Ive always been rich act, but wont be able to keep it up forever because his true identity as a man who is not as well read as he is made out to be and most likely not a s smart as he wants others to believe is revealed. The books in Gatsbys library essentially reveal to the readers that Gatsby is a fraud. Although Gatsby has done a decent job at keeping up his identity and persona that he has created, his uncut books prove that he is unable to ever keep up with trying to keep up going along with the fasade he has tried so hard to put up. Additionally, to further back up this theme that is prevalent throughout the book, Gatsbys true identity is revealed when Tom finally tells his wife Daisy who was previously in love with Jay Gatsby (note: not James Gatz) that all of Gatsbys money was produced by bootlegging. In this particular scene, another aspect of Gatsbys true identity of coming up from a poor family is revealed because nobody who is born rich, or people that have old money which Gatsby pretends to have inherited, is a bootlegger. At the end of the day, as the book progresses Gatsby is unable to keep more and more of his identity hidden until every single aspect of his upbringing and true identity are revealed. By writing this book, Fitzgerald ends up producing the theme that peop le cannot hide their true identities, regardless of how hard they try to cover their tracks and put up a fasade.

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The Construction Industry Development Board - 1454 Words

1.0 Introduction Construction industry plays an important part as a stimulant in Malaysia’s economy. The Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) was established as a government agency to facilitate and act as a catalyst to the development, is generally representing the construction industry to the government and the public. (Chan, 2009). According to Hiap (2012), the CIDB published a ten year Construction Industry Master Plan (CIMP) towards the end of year 2007, the aim is to refocus the strategic position and charting the future direction of the industry. The construction industry is one of the highest contributing in country’s economy. This industry provides job opportunities to the people in different sector such as agriculture, mining and quarrying, manufacturing, construction and services. Davis and Tomasin’s study stated the fatalities happened were caused by most of the usage of equipment such as conditions of scaffolds, power access equipments, ladder, excavations and so on, which lead to the risk of physical injury. Falls, electrocutions, vehicles rollover, personnel run over by vehicle and excavation cave-ins were listed as the top five categories of fatalities in the construction industry (IPEDR, 2011). Therefore, the Malaysian government have been implemented the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) 1994 in the industry. In general, OSHA is an organization formed to guard the safety of the workplace and safety regulations. OSHA collects data ofShow MoreRelatedCaterpillar: Organizational Structure and Corp orate Management Controls1092 Words   |  5 Pagesof responsibility, integrity and compliance with all laws. These standards are guided by our board of directors and global management team, who work to oversee the company’s actions, performance and governance policies. âž ¢ âž ¢ Announced that it is aligning its machine product and marketing organizations to sharpen customer focus, position the company to build deep expertise in product development. âž ¢ A key change in the aligned structure is the creation of five end-to-end Machine BusinessRead MoreCase Study : Crescendo Corporation Berhad Essay967 Words   |  4 PagesHistory Of the company: Crescendo Corporation Berhad is one of the biggest names in the construction industry of Malaysia. The CCB (Crescendo Corporation Berhad) is listed in the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities. It has a huge investment in various subsidiaries that are involved in construction, property and resort development. ( Crescendro 2014). In 1989 it started with 600 acres industrial park at Taman Perindustrian Cemerlang (TPC) by its subsidiaries. ( Crescendro 2014) It is amongRead MoreRelationship Between Construction And Construction1208 Words   |  5 PagesRelationships in Construction. (1) 2.2 explain how to instruct people about work activities in an appropriate level of detail and with an appropriate degree of urgency. The instruction given to workers on site depends on the phase of the project. According to the Construction Industry Council, the use of simplified methodology must be used to communicate and instruct during construction process. We must ensure workers have enough guidance as they undertake the instructions (Construction Industry CouncilRead MoreThe Role Of Governments Play An Important Role Of Business Innovation1296 Words   |  6 Pagesthe risk of economic stagnation and the loss of inventive new technology. In publication, (Mariana Mazzucato 2013) reveals how the state, through direct funding to high  ¬risk areas and mission  ¬oriented planning, has provided boost leading to the development of new technologies and sectors. She debates that key technological revolutions, from the internet to biotech, to echo tech today, have required an active ‘entrepreneurial government’ that is willing to invest in innovation – and that economistsRead MoreCompany Overview : Caterpillar Company1664 Words   |  7 PagesCompany Overview For more than 85 years, Caterpillar has been a Global force in the construction manufacturing industry, with operations on every continent in the world. The company prides itself on making sustainable progress possible while driving positive change. Caterpillar, with revenue in excess of 55 billion dollars in 2014, is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, as well as diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines, and diesel-electric locomotivesRead MoreCompany Analysis : Caterpillar Inc Company1638 Words   |  7 Pagesthe manufacturing of â€Å"construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives† (Caterpillar, n.d.). Caterpillar mainly functions through its three product divisions of construction industries, resource industries and energy, and transportation (Company, n.d.). The Caterpillar name is global when referencing construction equipment. Caterpillar is a global leader within the industry of farm and construction equipment. CaterpillarRead MoreHilti : Business Analysis Paper1292 Words   |  6 PagesHilti: Business Analysis Paper Business Description Hilti Group offers products, systems and services to construction professionals worldwide. Hilti has production facilities and rental and distribution centers in more than 120 countries. They are also involved in partnerships involving international technology. (Hilti - Company portrait. n.d.) They are a family owned company and were founded in 1941 by Eugene and Martin Hilti. The headquarters is located in Schaan, a principality of LiechtensteinRead MoreCats Organizational Structure1731 Words   |  7 PagesCaterpillar is a corporation that designs, manufactures and sells diesel and natural gas engines, construction, and mining equipment. Since the year 1905 Caterpillar has been a corporation that has evolved by making significant improvements to its machinery by taking advantage of the available technology, and it has had the ability to adapt to the dynamic changes and demands of the construction industry. Many significant events have occurred in this business to make this company what it is nowadaysRead MoreCase Study Of Mike Porter And The Civil Construction Industry Essay1642 Words   |  7 Pagesegyf=false) 3.2 Industry 3.2.1 Part of industry The industry in study is the roads, rails, and ports however the wider umbrella industry is the civil construction industry that includes drainage, roading, utilities, earthworks, heavy machinery and engineering. Hicks Brother s supplies services to both the roads, rails and ports industry and the umbrella civil construction industry. 3.2.2 Main Players / Competition The main players in the infrastructure industry are detailed below inRead More2.3.Fusion Of Traditional And Innovative Technologies.901 Words   |  4 Pagestechnologies are taken on board, to aid or make employing the traditional process more efficient; or it can be total, in that the whole approach to the process or system is overhauled to make way for the new technologies. The Merriam-Webster Online dictionary (2007) defined innovation as the introduction of something new or a new idea, method or device. [45] Innovation in construction, therefore, happens when new ideas are developed, and then initiated within the construction process. The successful

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An Outlook On Social Media - 2812 Words

Victoria Cifarelli An Outlook on Social Media: The Positive and Negative Social media has significantly impacted the lives of many individuals as well as the world in its entirety both negatively and positively. Throughout current times, it has been evident that technology and the concept of social media has become a significant aspect of everyday life. According to Merriam Webster, social media can be best defined as â€Å"forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content such as videos† (Social Media). It is continuing to evolve in its complexity and popularity on a daily basis. Social media is a technological advancement that can be seen as the primary source of communication today. It acts as an influence on how the way individuals think and act as well as how different parts of the world communicate with each other. This aspect of technology gives us the ability to send or share, personal or public messages such as pictures, videos, text messages, a nd telephone calls. Some of the applications that can perform these actions include: ï‚ § Facebook ï‚ § Twitter ï‚ § Instagram ï‚ § Pinterest ï‚ § Tumblr ï‚ § Vine ï‚ § YouTube There is much controversy over how advantageous and disadvantageous these forms of social media are in society. Social media gives us access to a decent amount of information. It gives us access into the lives of many individuals. Social media also gives insight into not what isShow MoreRelatedSocial Media Influences On Politics And World Outlook1804 Words   |  8 PagesHow the Social Media Influences Society’s Relationship/views on Politics and/or World Outlook Social media is everyday and everywhere. It’s hard to imagine today’s world without social media or social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. According to Pew Research Center, over 81 percent of Americans use a social media platforms, the number of worldwide social media users reached almost 2 billion people (Gotfried, 2016). Such a rapid growth of communication and interaction throughRead MoreSocial Media as an Effective Marketing Tool1235 Words   |  5 PagesSocial media can be used in very creative ways to market goods or services globally. Conducting business in other countries has been accelerated by various media platforms. Global marketing involves many challenges, and also involves a degree of corporate social responsibility. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, instant messaging, video conferencing, web meetings: These and many other collaboration and social media platforms are now an everyday part of people’s lives around the world. They are alsoRead MoreWhy I Want Pursue A Career For Public Relations1684 Words   |  7 Pageslarger corporations use social media to promote their image. My knowledge about interpersonal communications and my past work experience in management alongside my interest in social media have prepared me for a career in public relations. Every company needs someone to help promote and sell their image, the job market for public relations specialist is diverse and can lead to greater job opportunities. To better understand this market I will reference to the occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) onlineRead More Media and Society Essay519 Words   |  3 Pages Media and Society Does society influence media or does media influence society? In a modern world, dependent on continuous communication this is a very important question. If the world were not dependent on communication over large distances, schooling on a mass basis would not be possible or necessary. Most knowledge in traditional cultures was local knowledge, (Geertz 1983) traditions that were passed on through a local community, a very slow and long drawn outRead Morestory of a suicide Essay915 Words   |  4 PagesEssay Assignment – Social Media We recently read two articles â€Å"The Story of a Suicide† by Ian Parker and â€Å"Trial by Twitter† by Ariel Levy. They have their point of views and different perspective on the social media. Although they express both positive and negative aspect, we wonder if in fact the social media takes a toll on the way society is lived today. We have to ask ourselves is â€Å"real world engagement†1 the thing of the past? Can the social media be used as an outlook for those who areRead MoreThe Story Tellers Of Business. Every Successful Business867 Words   |  4 Pages(Wynne). The onset of social media in the twenty-first century has drastically altered the scope of public relations. Stuart Elliot, a New York Times reporter, noted that the rise of social media â€Å"transformed the relationship between the members of the public and those communicating with them† (Elliot). Rather than relying on traditional media to promote their brand to the public, businesses can now constantly inject their brand in the public themselves by using social media. In order to do so, publicRead MoreSocial Media In The Workplace Essay964 Words   |  4 Pagesfarfetched, this is becoming more and more prevalent in society today. As technology and the media take a much heavier grasp on day to day tasks, it is vital for employers to take into consideration the footprint that a future or current employee may have on behalf of the company. The debate gaining steam due to the increased prevalence of social media relates to whether one’s personal or private social medi a account could lead to them being fired by their managers. On one side of the argument, oneRead MoreSociological Perspectives On Social Networking Sites916 Words   |  4 Pages Applying Sociological Perspectives Social networking sites - such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and, Pinterest, just to name a few - provide individuals with an online web of global networking that allows maintaining social ties with one another. Sociologists often ponder, How do these social websites impact society? Above all, this is the question that is the central focus shared by all three of the primaryRead MoreWhy I Chose A Marketing Career1349 Words   |  6 Pagesto social networks is believed what has hindered women’s learning in the industry (Mallia Windels, 2015) ADD PAGE NUMBERS. Being a millennial, with a college education, and with a determination to succeed is an enormous advantage in the marketing field. Being a millennial is helpful when it pertains to the new prominent media themes. Media themes have vastly changed over the years. Today those themes include marketing at the core of a business and new media influences (Kumar, 2015). Social mediaRead MoreThe media have largely negative effects on people. It affects people of all ages, genders, and600 Words   |  3 PagesThe media have largely negative effects on people. It affects people of all ages, genders, and races. Effects are defined as a change that results when something is done or happens or a particular mood or feeling created by something. The media does this in both a positive and negative way but it’s negative effects are much worse and more numerous. Mass media does affect the way in which people think and act. Its positive influences are celebrated, but its negative effects are som ething not beneficial

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The Effects Of Personality And Motivation On Sports...

In this report, I am going to talk about the effects of personality and motivation on sports performance and I will do this by looking at the different theories relating to sports performance and how sports athletes deal with the effects of personality and motivation in sports performances. What is personality and how does it affect sports performance? Personality is the sum of a person’s individual characteristics that make him/her unique. (Adams et al, 2010) A person’s personality determines how they react in certain situations, their general mood and the consistency of it and their emotions. Personality can affect many aspects of sport right from the selection process because as well as talent, coaches need performers to have good mentality to be able to reach their required potential. Performers need to be aware how personality characteristics can affect their performances, for example, mood, anxiety (negative emotional feelings, caused by a fear of a new situation or the fear of failing), arousal level (an increased state of readiness, having motivated behaviour) so that they can deal with them and minimise their impact on performance. Personality is stable and unique to every person. Personality affects how we respond to different situations. It involves our character, intellect, physique and temperament. Personality can be the link to improving sports performance (, 2015). Marten’s Schematic View The psychological core is what people oftenShow MoreRelatedThe Effect of Personality and Motivation on Sports Performance2783 Words   |  12 PagesFor this assignment I will explain the effect of personality and motivation on sports performance. Introduction Personality is the sum of a person’s individual characteristics that make him/her unique. (Adams et al, 2010) A person’s personality determines how they react in certain situations, their general mood and the consistency of it and their emotions. Personality can affect many aspects of sport right from the selection process because as well as raw talent, coaches need performers toRead MorePsychological Factor That Affect Sports Performance997 Words   |  4 Pagespsychological factor that can affect sports performance and is defined as the level of activation or readiness that an individual will experience when faced with a task (Malpeli 2010, pg. 369). Effective performance requires an athlete to achieve optimal arousal which can be recognised in certain arousal theories (Malpeli 2010, pg. 369). The level of arousal that is considered to be optimal varies among every individual (Abernethy 2013, pg. 304). High arousal can affect performance as it often leads to moreRead MoreChildhood Depression : A Serious Disease That Affects People Of All Genders And Ages1589 Words   |  7 PagesDepression is a serious disease that affects people of all genders and ages, but there are many ways to cope with depression. Evert and McGillivray (2014) studied the effects of cognitive behavioral therapy on the presence of depression symptoms, anxiety, and stress in males and females with autism. People with autism tend to experience greater levels of depression, anxiety, and stress than those without autism. Cognitive behavioral therapy includes several sessions addressing issues such as identifyingRead MoreMotivation in Sport1118 Words   |  5 PagesKnow the effects of motivation on sports performance â€Å"†¦ the internal state which tends to direct a person’s behaviour towards a goal.† - (Kent, 1994) â€Å"†¦motivation has been seen as having two aspects: it is what drives I’d to do things †¦and it makes us do particular things.† -(Woods, 1988) Motivation can influence decisions, learning and performance in sport. If a performer is not in a positive psychological state, mistakes will be made in the performance, and they will not perform atRead MorePersonality and Motivation Leaflet3258 Words   |  14 PagesPersonality – the sums of the characteristics that make a person unique– BTEC NATIONAL SPORT Personality – the sums of the characteristics that make a person unique– BTEC NATIONAL SPORT 1)Martens Schematic view. 2) The Psycho dynamic theory 3)Trait Theory 4) Situational approach 5) Interactional theory 1)Martens Schematic view. 2) The Psycho dynamic theory 3)Trait Theory 4) Situational approach 5) Interactional theory There are a number of theories and approaches that have beenRead MoreUnderstanding Personality1579 Words   |  7 Pagesunderstanding of personality in terms of Theories, structure and testing, looking at Trait, situation and interactional theories in particular. Every individual has a unique personality, which is known as their psychological makeup. This is known as the relatively stable, psychological structures that shape a person’s actions in a specific environment. (Gill, 1986) This essay will look at the established theoretical psychological understand of personalities. Where did sports psychology begin? Sport psychologyRead MoreMotivation and Personality2985 Words   |  12 PagesSports psychology Personality and Motivation. P1. Personality is the sum of those characteristics that make a person unique. Personality has been defined as an individuals characteristic patterns of thought, emotion, behaviour, together with the psychological mechanisms. Personality has many different characteristics that make an individual different to others these can be positive and negative for example being shy can be a negative effect on sport as you don’t give yourself enough motivationRead MoreAnalysis Of Marten s Schematic View Essay2402 Words   |  10 PagesAssignment 1 Marten’s schematic view This theory sees personality to be seen as having three different levels that linked to each other, these personality views are: †¢ Psychological core †¢ Typical responses †¢ Role-related behaviour Psychological core is what people frequently say is the real you and is the piece of you that contains your beliefs, values, attitudes and what you like ; all of these are relatively constant and stable. Common responses are the way that you react to the worldRead More Maslow Essay1164 Words   |  5 Pages Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs amp; Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Introduction Like in sports, in business the performance of team is not just based on the individual talents. It is also, and maybe even more, based on the global efficiency of the team. To be efficient, a team leader needs to ensure that all the team players are pulling at the same rope, towards the same direction. That first step ensures that all the energy that is spent, is used in favor of the objective and not against it. A secondRead MoreThe Theory Of Motivation And Learning1099 Words   |  5 Pages Motivation and Learning Dillan Watts Chapman University Motivation and Learning In 1874, Charles Darwin first stated human beings principal motives were based upon survival and reproduction. Emotions are often interrelated fluctuating human behavior, confirming motives are more than just biological responses (Yake and Patry, 2014). A broad way to classify motives is in two categories: deficiency and learned motives. Some psychologists distinguish this through motivated reasoning and rationality

Fanaticism in Sports Religions & Politics-Free-Samples for Students

Question: How Passons Lead to Fanaticism In Sports Religions and Politics. Answer: It may appear strange associating religion with entertainment factors of sports. It should be kept in mind that the sports and the religion have diverged relationship. However, both the categories are capable of providing immense entertainment to its visitors. This relationship is rooted in the history. Before appearance of mass communication, ceremonies on religion were the main source of entertainment for the common person (Jona Okou, 2013). These ordinary people would scarcely visit in a theater program or events based on the sports. However, in sports and religion people could attain the communal entertainment. One can divide the sports and religion as two different categories; however, one should notice the convergence point of these two different categories, which is prominent, noticeable and distinctive. The team spirit or communal spirit is present in both sports and religion. Most of the local people are the supporters to their local team. They also attach to the religion in a way they attach to their sports team. The sensation of locality is rooted in both sports and religion. It is like all the members of the community are rooted in the same team, in other words, which could be called religion. The religion of the parents, grandparents and childhood friend might be common in a particular region. When they participate in a religious ceremony, the feeling associated with it is same as participation in a sports event as supporters (Harvey, 2014). Therefore, the bonds they comprehend for the team or religion is similar to the feeling of participation in a community. The feeling is associated with the communal feeling for both the categories: sports and religion. The communal feelings gained from participation in the religious ceremonies and sports events are based on the cultural premises. This feeling is similar to the feeling of rallying together as a tribe and encourages the warriors for fighting to protect the community. It is important for the community leaders to keep everyone safe in the community. However, it should be kept in mind that rallying together has assisted us to survive through the history. It has its long past in the time and history. For this reason, the drive of rallying together is present in our biological system. We feel good and excited when we stand in a stadium with millions of people standing together. This drive is so much rooted in our biological system that it gives excitement in cheering up with thousands of people for a common reason (Higgs, 2015). The popularity of music concerts, rallies and events could be described in a way that it all provides the feeling of connectedness and this feeling of connectedne ss drives the participants. As the supporters of a sports team, become the part of the team without accepting contradicting viewpoints, similarly most of the people embrace the local religion or the religion of their village without accepting any alternative views about that religion. In both the cases, it is not a choice. Sports and religious supporters are sightless and they are quite unacceptable in accepting even the well-justified alternative views. As they exhibit honor to their own beliefs, similarly they often rally only to destroy their rivals (Watson Parker, 2014). However, there is no championship trophy to compete. Being a fan of anything means overlooking the other perspectives and it makes it easy to lose the other perspective on what you care. This could explain the reason behind why I would not like to be a fan in the same way again. It is scholarly believe that the fans are solely committed to their favorite stars as well as their favorite teams in a way that could create meaning and determination to their lives (Watson Parker, 2012). In addition to that, sports spectatorship is a kind of transformative experience and the fans could escape from their humdrum lives by this transformative experience. Spectatorship could provide a transformative experience by which fans could elevate from their daily life hazards. Transformative experience of sports spectatorship could explain the quasi-religious goals of face painting, hair tinting or distinctive choice of costumes (Harvey, 2014). Religion wants to provide a community based transformative feeling. Quasi means apparently but not really. Quasi-religion means apparent religious feeling. Face painting, hair tinting or distinctive choice of costumes provide the sense of identification with community that have similar mind-set. However, these activities are able to provide a quasi-religious feeling as religion too is able to provide community feeling. These activities are not related to religion; however, the feelings from these activities are similar to that of religious feeling. These activities like face brushing, hair highlighting or unique choice of costumes could help the participants to escape from the disappointments and limitations of daily life, which is similar to the feeling of religion and spectatorship. Activities such as these could be able to establish a community of supporters of the similar activity. Fanatics are the priceless customers to a particular brand. They are highly attractive to the marketers for variety of reasons. For example, some fanatics are moved by the extreme consumption drives that would entail high rate of usage and purchase patterns. These fanatics act as opinion leaders as they would earn others attention to the brand. They could also captivate the other customers on behalf of the brand. Fanatics undertake personal and financial supports to the brand by connecting and engaging in brand communities. As they are the fanatics, their support is consistent, resolute. Their support is so resistant against the views of marketing massages from competitor brands that any endeavor to minimize the attachment to the brand would be disregarded by the fanatics. Hugenberg (2014) explains that companies could be monetarily benefitted by the fan loyalty. There is a similarity between the fanatical fan and devoted fan. Distance and time do not matter for the fanatical fans; these persons are not bounded by the time or distance (Higgs, 2015). They identify themselves with the attachment of sports consumptive object. Self-identification with being a fan is very important part of a fanatical fan. The fanatical fan behaves in such a way that is beyond the normal devoted fan. Fanatical fans show much anxiety, higher level of knowledge about the team and a feeling of arousal while watching the game, which is different pattern of behavior from the normal devoted fans. However, the family, friends or other fans accept the behavior of the fanatical fans because the source of their behavior is rooted in the supportive nature of their characters. They are the mere supporters to a particular game, team and sport, though they are the blind. Devoted fan might go to watch the game. However, the fanatical fans would like to visit the gallery with fac es painted with the colors of their supportive team. They would like to go to the gallery with costumes that would exhibit a completely different behavior than that of the devoted fans. For the fanatical fans, interactions with the club are highly esteemed. In case of the devoted fans, there is no such binding. Supportive nature of the fanatics could be related to the emotional stimulation as emotional stimulation motivates the fantasies of the fanatics for a particular team or sports. For them, sports are much more than a game and actions. It is just like the ritualistic part of a religion. For instance, studies have shown that being a part of a sports team or religious group is a useful thing for psyche of human. Research has also shown that the fanatics could correlate with the frequency of positive and negative emotions respectively. The strong emotions of fanatics are associated with the number of other indexes of psychological stability as well, like, affective expression, alienation and vigor. Politically, many fanatic groups believe that their belief system could make the world a better place to live. Their believe system is so strong that they wants to believe that they could capitulate themselves and their older selves and that would help to push forward the new agenda and system. Many political fanatic groups have resolved to violence, which comes from the belief that they could one day change the world. Sometimes they are ready to hurt themselves and others for the sake of their political beliefs. Even the sports fanatics have started the violence many times at the end of the game. There are certain areas in the world where wearing a particular team jersey, could create problems. The problems could go in that extent when one could beat up and killed. Sports fanatics are very loyal to their teams. Their psychology is so attached to the team that any negative feeling from the supporters of the other teams could make them violent. Politically, some of the extremists beli ef that what they belief is right. It is unfortunate that at times certain political extremists feel entitled to believe. They become aggressive as they feel that the support they are receiving is from mainstream political system or campaigns and officials. Information acquisition is another reason that could motivate the fanaticism. According to me, structured organizations control both the religion and sports. For example, churches, mosques and synagogue are the places or organization where religion is practiced. These are all house of religious practices where believers come to satisfy their beliefs. Similarly, the sports stadiums and arenas represent the cathedrals and temples where followers come together to celebrate the success of their respective team. Communally the supporters pray for the success of their supportive team as if the devotees go to the temple or cathedral to pray. In both the structured organizations, there are many rituals, which are performed in the arenas, which could be associated with sports or religion, are organized and structured. The most fanatical and devoted fans should know the information about the players of the opposite and respective teams. In the psychology of a sports fan, community pride plays an important role, as they perceive the sports club as the main source of local expression of their community. These fans want to attend the sports event because if the local team is in the higher position in the city that would increase the images of the community, which could represent an important symbol for the community. Another reason that would motivate fanaticism is the sense of group affiliation. Fans wants to express this feeling as their immediate ancestors would come to visit the sports. This is one of the main reasons for which fanatics wants to attend the game. From the childhood, many young fans became the fans of a team, as their parents are associated with the sentiment of the team. These fans want to carry their family sentiments by attending into the sports ceremony. Many fans perceive the club as an extended form of family where they show a certain degree of devotion. For devoted and fanatical fans, this is extremely true. The fanatical fans show loyalty and commitment to the club by purchasing merchandise, accompanying home games and participating in other related activities. These fanatical groups believe that activities such as singing, chanting before or during the match would make them the real fans of the team, which would act as the backbone of the other supporters. The fanatics could value the creation of feelings of the communities of similar likeminded people. The sense of connectedness, belonging and devotion are associated with the community feeling, which could create a sense of transcendence. In many ways, the fan driven development of communities could be seen as branding the community. Fanatics have huge and detailed knowledge of the history of the club they support. They commemorate the past stories before the beginning of the match or in halftime. Among the fanatics, interaction with the club is highly acknowledged. These fanatics are to engage in the website discussions and commentaries through emails. These activities help to connect the supporter groups. The fanatics of particular sports club are active in researching and subscribing to the newsletter and fanzines. Many fanatics would like to see the club as their extended family. It is related to the devotion that the fanatics exhibit while watching the sports in the stadium. In the discipline of sociology, fandom is used to portray the interaction between the audience and popular media within culture studies (Delaney Madigan, 2015). From the late 1980s Fiske and Jenkins were the first scholars who put importance on fans and fandom in media and cultural studies (Duffett, 2013). They introduce the concept of motivation and the interaction between fans and the objects of their fanaticism. A fan is generally perceived as an obsessed individual who has an enthusiasm for a particular team, show, celebrity and brand. Fiske has defined fandom as a specific social and cultural interactions, institutions and communities, formed through the close interaction of committed groups of fans in a sub-cultural context. Sport fandom can enhance psychological well-being and the quality of life (Evans Stasi, 2014). It has been argued that identification with sport teams may serve to replace traditional but declining social ties such as religion and the family. Social conne ctions resulting from sport identification may prove beneficial to ones psychological health by serving as a buffer against depression and alienation while increasing self-esteem. To conclude I would like to say I am a member of Islam religion and big fan of Barcelonas team. I almost feel the same when my team wins and when I pray for my God. The level of commitment is similar in both the categories. References Delaney, T., Madigan, T. (2015).The sociology of sports: An introduction. McFarland. Duffett, M. (2013).Understanding fandom: An introduction to the study of media fan culture. Bloomsbury Publishing USA. Evans, A., Stasi, M. (2014). Desperately seeking methods: New directions in fan studies research.Participations,11(2), 4-23. Harvey, L. (2014).A brief theology of sport. SCM Press. Higgs, R. J. (2015).God in the stadium: Sports and religion in America. University Press of Kentucky. Jensen, J. A. (2014). Sports fans, identity, and socialization: exploring the fandemonium. Jona, I. N., Okou, F. T. (2013). Sports and Religion.Religion,2. Watson, N. J., Parker, A. (2014).Sport and the Christian religion: a systematic review of literature. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Watson, N. J., Parker, A. (Eds.). (2012).Sports and Christianity: historical and contemporary perspectives. Routledge.

Training Day - Police Corruption Misconduct free essay sample

Unfortunately, this attitude develops from not being checked, and leads to the unit leaning as though they are untouchable. When not having checks and balances is coupled with a leader who exhibits signs of misconduct, the potential for more massive amounts of corruption and misconduct are more likely as portrayed in the movie Training Day starring Denned Washington as a corrupt MARC unit commander. The most common types of police misconduct include excessive force, sexual assault, intentional false arrest, falsifying evidence, extortion, and other related offenses (Color 2000).Police misconduct has become more prevalent since 970 when drugs became a major driver of corruption replacing gambling, prostitution and alcohol (Bayle 2011). Public activists groups and internal affairs units are put in place in law enforcement agencies which primarily govern police misconduct investigations by officers under the Deprivation of Right under Color of Law, Title 18, US Code, Section 242, (Color 2000). There are important factors to focus on to help understand and prevent officer misconduct, including officers integrity, positive leadership, and continuing ethical boundaries long after the hiring process. However, this scrutiny should not prevent police officers from effectively doing their Jobs and seeking a peace officer career. Theories on the role of society in law enforcement, the negative influence of an officers department, and a persons own natural tendency to engage in unethical behavior have been offered as explanations of police corruption (Martin 2011). Therefore, producing an honest and ethical officer is essential to prevent misconduct and corruption in any department.It is also imperative for each individual who is placed into a position where they are ranted extreme discretionary powers to encompass personal and professional integrity. A list of characteristics important for officers to possess integrity include; prudence, trust, effacement of self-interests, courage, intellectual honesty, Justice and responsibility (Martin 2011). When a person internalizes these characteristics and upholds the law with integrity, the probability of corruption is far less likely to occur.Even when a person portrays strong characteristics of integrity and desires to uphold the law in an ethical fashion, they may feel the pressure to succumb to fellow officers n order to fit into an exclusive subculture. A subculture is a group of individuals who generally share attitudes, perceptions, assumptions, values, beliefs, ways of living, and traditions. Because police work entails so many experiences unique to the field, the subculture can become stronger than the officers own family ties.Conflicts can, and more than likely, will arise when personnel face a choice between what may be ethically right and their devotion to the other members of their subgroup. Such a strong loyalty toward fellow officers causes members to trade their integrity for that allegiance. One conclusion would be that the length of time an officer is exposed to t his colonization process, the greater its impact. When this loyalty to the subculture becomes too strong, the unity that follows can adversely affect the ethical values of the officers (Martin 2011).This type of work environment causes officers to feel like they are doing what is wanted by their organizations and the public and the officers may continue with the behavior because the pressure to produce results is greater than that to follow the rules. A law enforcement department might choose to punish n individual, but the fear of punishment usually is not enough to change unwanted behavior (Martin 2011). With all of the temptation, attempts to fit into a subculture, and desire to please superiors, mentoring younger officers becomes extremely important.Mentoring can either allow corruption to spread, or it can be also be nipped in the bud. With these issues at hand, it is important that law enforcement agencies invest in upstanding supervisors and leaders in their departments because according to statistics, leaders have a signifi cant impact in preventing corruption and Hereford play a significant role in the agencies in which they serve. Therefore, it becomes imperative that effective leaders who share the same goals be in place to set the standard for subordinates to see and emulate (Martin 2011). However; while leaders certainly play a critical role in forming the future leaders and overall atmosphere of the organization, they alone cannot ensure that high levels of integrity are continually maintained. Since supervisors are not typically involved unless a complaint against an officer or a serious incident requires their response they are to generally aware of everything that happens in the field on a daily basis. Although it might be mandatory for leaders to provide an environment that encourages proper ethical conduct, it falls upon each member of the organization to ensure that this standard of integrity is carried out.Temptation is always going to be a part of human nature no matter what career someone has, but its important for those in law enforcement to harness the temptation and tap into the integral part of themselves. It has been proven that those who engage in criminal conduct do so as a matter of secularity and we rarely see a person commit a first time offense wi thout repeating it and unfortunately police officers are immune from this statistic.However; even police officers with strong ethics and upstanding integrity who perform their duties well, should still expect allegations of police misconduct at some point in their careers because criminals dont live at the same standards as an officer should. However, officers can prevent most misconduct complaints if they conduct themselves in a professional manner and write detailed, accurate reports. While cost officers exercise good Judgment in crisis situations, they often do not adequately record their actions (Color 2000) which can open doors for civil suits and lead to bureaucratic questioning.